Why Less Sugar?

Our mission is to help you enjoy being healthier. An essential part of being healthier is watching your overall sugar intake, especially in liquid form. Excessive sugar intake is one of the leading health problems in our country. We aspire to show our communities that low sugar can be delicious.

When high quality ingredients are used, a fantastic flavor can be crafted with the right, balanced vegetables and little to no fruit to sweeten.

Unfortunately, most juices simply have too much natural sugar. One cup here and there isn’t terrible for you. But if you’re going for something truly healthy, the less sugar, the better. Simply speaking, the nutrients you get from fruit heavy juices are likely not worth the drawbacks of sugary drinks.

Here are a few reasons why sugary juices aren’t ideal:

  1. It overloads your liver and damages your liver
  2. It tricks your body into gaining weight and affects your insulin and leptin signaling.
  3. It causes metabolic dysfunction.
  4. It increases your uric acid levels.

Click here to read the full article by Dr. Joseph Mercola.


Midwest Juicery is proud to have 40% less sugar than all other juices, when compared to the leading organic, cold-pressed juice companies’ like products. We make predominantly vegetable juices, with a little added apple for sweetener.



Sweet Green

Middle Green

Very Green




Midwest Juicery

Pretty Green: 16g

Green with Envy: 12g

All Green Everything: 5g

Beets by Midwest: 12g

4 Carrot Gold: 16g

Lava Lemonade: 15g


Green Supreme: 37g

Mighty Dozen: 18g

Twelve Essentials: 6g

Sweet Beet: 26g

Fuel: 27g

Master Cleanse: 23g



Kale it Up: 19g

Watercress Warrior: 4g

Beet Blast: 28g

Stay Golden: 22g

Lemon Reset: 15g



Green: 30g


Beet: 20g

Carrot: 32g


Evolution Fresh

Sweet Greens & Lemon: 15g

Greens & Ginger: 12g

Essential Greens: 9g

Sweet Burn: 32g


Ginger Limeade: 33g