Q: Is the sugar natural?

All of our juices, except Lava Lemonade which is sweetened with a drop of Organic, Wisconsin Maple Syrup, contain only natural sugar. We use very little apples, and mostly vegetables from amazing, organic farmers to keep the sugar 40% less than other juices.

Q: Why are they low in sugar?

Liquid sugar in any form can be very hard on your liver, even if it is natural. That’s why we use almost entirely vegetables that are high quality from farmers we know. This creates a delicious flavor with 40% less sugar than comparable juice. Click here to meet our farmers.

Q: Where do you get your produce?

We believe in giving consumers all the information they need to make educated decisions about their health. That’s why we tell you exactly where our produce comes from. We source local in season and partner with amazing, West Coast farmers out of season. Click here to meet our awesome farmers.

Q: Are they certified organic?

A: Absolutely! Our juices are always 100% USDA Organic! We never add any preservatives or use any genetically modified ingredients.

Q: What is cold-pressed?

Cold pressing is our method of extracting the juice from the produce. It uses two metal plates to crush and press the produce which creates little to no friction, resulting in a much more nutrient and enzyme rich juice!  

This is an alternative to centrifugal juicing where there is a metal blade that spins at high speeds. The high speeds cause friction that heats the produce, destroying many enzymes. It also oxidizes the produce, reducing the nutrients.

Q: What is high-pressure processed (hpp)?

HPP gives you the benefits and amazing flavor of a raw juice but lasts 60-90 days! We apply 87,000 psi for about two minutes. This keeps all the enzymes intact, kills any potential bacteria, and keeps the juice full of all the vitamins and nutrients! This method is much better for you than heat pasteurization which kills the enzymes, vitamins, nutrients, and flavor.

Q: How long does the juice last?

A: Our juice has a 60-90 day shelf life from the day we make it. Once you open the bottle, we recommend you enjoy it within 5 days. However, we’re confident it won’t last that long.

Q: When do you recommend we drink the juice?

A: Anytime! Drink it as a meal, with a meal, pre-workout (Beets) or post workout (Greens)!

Q: Do I have to keep the juices refrigerated?

A: Yes! To make sure the juice stays delicious and healthy, please keep it refrigerated at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Q: Are your juices safe for kids?

A: They sure are! And we’ve made sure they’re delicious so your kids will love them without getting a sugar crash!

Q: Are the bottles BPA free and recyclable? 

A: We always use BPA free and recyclable bottles. We believe in making the smallest imprint on the environment. From using organic produce, to having our juices HPP, to recyclable bottles, we do our part to leaving the earth as beautiful and natural as possible.

Q: Can I drink your juices if I am gluten-free, nut-free, or lactose intolerant?

A: Heck yes! Our juices are gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy free.

Q: Can I drink these juices instead of eating fruits and vegetables?

A: We would love for you to drink a lot of our juice. Our juices, however, have little to no fiber, fat, or protein. Therefore, we encourage you to make sure you get sufficient fiber, fat, and protein.

Q: When I go to the bathroom, it's red. What does that mean? 

A: Don’t worry, you’re not dying. It’s actually a good thing! Your body is telling you it is digesting the beets properly!