Q: What is cold-pressed?

Cold pressing is our method of extracting the juice from the produce. It uses two metal plates to crush and press the produce which creates little to no friction, resulting in a much more nutrient and enzyme rich juice!  

This is an alternative to centrifugal juicing where there is a metal blade that spins at high speeds. The high speeds cause friction that heats the produce, destroying many enzymes. It also oxidizes the produce, reducing the nutrients.

Q: What is high-pressure processed (hpp)?

HPP is a relatively new way of preserving the juice and extending the shelf life. It applies pressure of 87,000 psi for about two minutes. There are many advantages to this route. First, our juice is not exposed to heat and therefore has a much higher nutrient and enzyme content compared to pasteurized juice. Also, the pressure is applied after the juice is bottled, eliminating the risk of recontamination. And finally, we do not have to add any preservatives; HPP kills the bad bacteria, but leaves the vitamins and nutrients virtually untouched. It also maintains the color and the flavor amazingly! Now the juice can be refrigerated and drank for up to 60-90 days after it’s juiced!

Q: How long does the juice last?

A: Our juice has a 60 day shelf life. once it makes it to the shelves of the stores where you purchase, it will be slightly less. Please check the “enjoy by” date to make sure it’s still good to enjoy! Once you open the bottle, we recommend you enjoy it within 5 days. however, we’re confident it won’t last that long.

Q: When do you recommend we drink the juice?

A: We recommend you drink the juice on an empty stomach or about 30 minutes before eating a meal. One of the benefits of juicing is that your body gets quick and easily digestible exposure to a lot of vitamins and nutrients, without having to fight through the fiber. Drink it up on an empty stomach to get the maximum benefit!

Q: Do I have to keep the juices refrigerated?

A: Yes! To make sure the juice stays delicious and healthy, please keep it refrigerated at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below! Here’s a secret: you can even freeze them and make them into popsicles!

Q: Are they certified organic?

A: Absolutely! Our juices are always 100% USDA Organic! We never add any preservatives or use any genetically modified ingredients.

Q: Are your juices safe for kids?

A: They sure are! And we’ve made sure they’re delicious so your kids will love them!

Q: Are the bottles BPA free and recyclable? 

A: We always use BPA free and recyclable bottles. We believe in making the smallest imprint on the environment. From using organic produce, to having our juices HPP, to recyclable bottles, we do our part to leaving the earth as beautiful and natural as possible.

Q: Can I drink your juices if I am gluten-free, kosher, or lactose intolerant?

A: Heck yes! Our juices are gluten free, kosher, and dairy free.

Q: Can I drink these juices instead of eating fruits and vegetables?

A: We would love for you to drink a lot of our juice. Our juices, however, have little to no fiber, fat, or protein. Therefore, we encourage you to make sure you get sufficient fiber, fat, and protein. While there are supplements available, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is ideal.

Q: When I go to the bathroom, it's red. What does that mean? 

A: Don’t worry; it’s totally normal. It’s actually a good thing! Your body is telling you it is digesting the beets properly!