our farm partners

organic produce from midwest farmers

Midwest Juicery couldn't offer you the amazing juices we do without our farm partners. We work directly with as many local, organic farmers to source the highest quality, organic produce. 

Working with local, organic farmers, we are able to:

  • Help you know the source of your food
  • Juice the freshest, most delicious produce, usually juiced within a couple weeks of harvest
  • Helping organic farmers increase their harvest because we will buy it no matter what it looks like, helping them lower the risk
  • Reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing close to our facility
  • Have a relationship with our farmers and give them more of the credit they deserve for our overall health.

meet our farm partners

Olden Organics

A 4th generation to nurture this farm, Olden Organics has grown in knowledge and approach to the crops that they have grown. Tracy and Richard are now focused on growing what we grow well, what grows well in our soil, and what we love to grow. 

Tracy and Richard provide Midwest Juicery with absolutely delicious and nutritious cucumbers, romaine, and beets. You'll find their amazing, organic produce in Apple of My Eye, Beets by Midwest, Green with Envy, and All Greens Everything. Tracy's favorite is Beets by Midwest. Give it a try; we know you'll love it too.

Open Hands Farms

A certified organic 14 acre vegetable farm located in Northfied, MN, Open Hands Farms is committed to feeding their community the freshest, most nutritious produce possible. Erin and Ben are the farmers, and alongside their wonderful employees, they grow food in the most ecologically and economically sustainable ways possible. 

We are so happy to partner with them to use their delicious, organic carrots in our 16 Carrot Gold and Beets by Midwest. Carrots are our biggest ingredient and we are so happy they come from Midwest farmers!