Cleanse Instructions


Congratulations for embarking on this wonderful cleanse adventure! Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer to the cleanse game, our Midwest Juice Cleanse is going to be a blast! It’s a perfect blend of vegetables to ensure you get a good balance of vitamins and nutrients. And with our juices slightly sweetened with apple, you’ll be sure to keep your sugar intake in check.


  • Detoxification – Juice cleanses are a great way to eliminate toxins from your body. These toxins can build up as a result of too much stress, eating habits we aren’t too proud of, or that crazy weekend that was too fun to pass up. A cleanse, packed with nutrient dense and detoxifying vegetables, fruits, and herbs, is a wonderful reset.
  • Good Gut Health – A specific offshoot of the detoxification is to get your gut healthy and functioning properly. 70%-80% of our immune system is in our stomach. And many common foods cause inflammation. And inflammation has been shown to cause of so many health issues. A cleanse will help flush out the free radicals that cause inflammation and get your gut closer to optimal health.
  • Reset – Maybe it that crazy fun weekend you had. Maybe you’ve been extremely busy lately and haven’t been able to eat as clean as you normally do. Or maybe you’re looking to start a clean eating lifestyle and want to begin on a clean note. Whatever it may be, a cleanse is a great way to flush that all out, reset your body, and get back to or start your regular, clean eating habits.

Be Careful:

  • Consult a physician to ensure you’re ready for a cleanse.
  • Be careful if your job or lifestyle require being extremely active or managing heavy machinery.
  • The purpose of the cleanse is to detoxify. In the process, it may get difficult at times. If you feel like it’s overly exhausting, it may be best to eat some light foods: greens like celery, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, or kale, half an avocado, or a small fruit. If this doesn’t help much, you might want to consider putting the cleanse on hold until a later date.


Pre-Cleanse: Preparing to maximize the benefits of your cleanse.

  1. Light Start: in preparation for the cleanse, it is best to ease yourself into it. Try not to overeat in the days before. Get your body used to digesting little amounts of food.
  2. Clean Start: In addition to eating light, try to eat clean, whole foods. If you stuff yourself with processed or foods that aren’t easily digestible like lots of grains, dairy, or meats, your body will spend the first part of the cleanse flushing out those foods. The cleaner you can eat leading up to the cleanse, the more time your body can spend on a thorough cleanse.

During the Cleanse: Good habits for an easy and enjoyable cleanse

  1. Getting into a Rhythm: Once you start the cleanse, try to determine a schedule of when you will drink the juices. The most common schedule is to drink them in roughly 2 hour increments. However, feel free to adjust to your schedule or hunger level.
  2. Take it Easy: The purpose of the cleanse is to give your body a nice reset. Try not to do anything too physically or mentally intense on your body. Relax, go to the spa, go for a nice walk outside, and let your body cleanse itself.
  3. Exercise: To fully flush out those toxins, staying active is important. However, take it easy in your activity. There is very little protein consumption in a cleanse so you don’t want to do any activities that are intensive on your muscles like lifting, HIIT, or any intensive exercises. Stick with light physical activity, such as a long walk or a light yoga class.
  4. Other Things to Consume:
    1. Water – You’re already getting lots of liquids. Monitor it, but don’t overdo it.
    2. Tea – Tea is a great natural detoxifier. Drink some, but don’t add any sweeteners.
    3. Black Coffee – Try to avoid it, but if you have to, keep it black.

Post Cleanse: Congratulations! You’ve finished the cleanse. I’m sure you feel great, but I’m sure you’re excited to start eating solids and feeling full.

  1. Start Light: Now that your body is flushed of all the toxins and unhealthy foods, make it easy on your stomach. Start with highly digestible, whole foods. Eat lots of raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts: greens, peppers, onions, root veggies, berries, bananas, avocado, almonds, all natural protein powder, etc.
  2. Stay Clean: A whole food diet is the most natural diet, whatever foods you may restrict yourself to eating. Be sure to get sufficient protein, carbs, fiber, greens (lots of greens), iron, and keep your sugar low.
  3. Long Run Advice: The secret we’ve discovered is to make your new “diet” a lifestyle and not a short term diet. Follow the 80/20 rule as closely as possible. Sometimes you’ll get off track because of, you know, life. But once the dust settles, get back at it. You’ll be glad you did.