The Best Juice Just Got Better

When I started Midwest Juicery on May 28, 2016, I had no idea what I was in for. What I did know was that I truly wanted to help people enjoy being healthier. A foundation of health is consuming nutrient dense foods and keeping your sugar intake in check. An flavor is key. We carefully craft our juices using over 2 lbs of produce in each bottle to be nutrient dense, low in sugar, and absolutely delicious.

Our mission is to help you enjoy being healthier. We want you to feel that joy of health.

And wow have we felt that joy in our communities. When we talk about our low sugar content and see people’s eyes light up, it brings joy to my heart. And when I see the amazing reactions to the delicious flavors, my heart nearly explodes. The feedback I’ve gotten has exceeded my wildest expectations. 

We’re proud to have an amazing flavor juice with 25% less sugar than all comparable juices and with a flavor that you’ll love. Well today, we’re excited to announce some big changes for the better. The low sugar “trend” isn’t really a trend. It’s the new norm. So we’re doubling down on our belief of low sugar and great flavor. 

We raised our standards and lowered our sugar. The best just got better.

Starting in January, we will be launching a new, 12oz line to replace our 16oz bottles. There are so many changes we’re making, all for the better, and we’re so excited to show you. Here’s what’s not changing:

  1. Raw Juices
  2. Certified Organic
  3. Made in the Midwest
  4. Transparency: Recipe on the Bottle and Farm Partners on our Website
  5. Vegetable heavy juices with little to no fruit to sweeten

Here’s a quick rundown of the changes for the better.

  1. Less Sugar: 40% Less than All Other Juices
  2. More Vegetables: 50% or More in All Vegetable & Fruit
  3. More Local Produce: Over 70% Coming from Midwest Farmers
  4. Right Size: 12oz bottles
  5. Better Packaging
  6. Better Price 

We’ll share more information soon. We can’t wait for you to try them and tell us what you think!

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  • Sharon Tipping

    Yum! Love your stuff and that you are in Toledo!

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