New Look, Same Great Value. Introducing: 12 Shots

Back in June of 2022, Midwest Juicery was proud to launch an innovation in the juice category. 2 Week Tonic was our entry into the functional shot market. The market is full of 2oz bottles that are an easy, grab and go drink to conveniently consume more ginger and turmeric. 

Ginger and turmeric have exploded in popularity...

And rightfully so, as a great way to support your immune health and help fight inflammation. They are both powerhouses and they should be a staple in everyone’s diet. Inflammation is the cause of many preventable illness, and we were delighted to see it grow in popularity.

At Midwest Juicery, we are not a company who makes similar products and preach that we are the best. We innovate. We dare to go where others won’t. We learn by trying.

While the benefits of shots are great, the packaging and cost are not.

The little 2oz bottles retail for $4 and they waste a lot of plastic. Although the bottles are recyclable, it didn’t feel right with our Zero Waste Policy. If we can do something about our environmental impact while maintaining our quality and value, we will. That’s why we launched 2 Week Tonic. It offers customers 12 shots in a 12oz bottle.

The feedback has been great. Customers constantly told us how much better they felt by not wasting all that plastic. Not to mention, the savings in today's inflationary economy. 2 Week Tonic saves customers over 75% per shot. We’re so proud of this launch.

As we mentioned above, you learn by trying. And while we love the product, we thought it could use a better name, and a better look.


12 Shots: This new branding and packaging will allow us to share our product, story, and value more clearly with our customers. Because customers are so used to the 2oz bottles to get their shot in, we wanted to come up with something more clear.

12 Shots in a 12oz bottle. Simple, nutritious, sustainable, and huge savings we all love. Cause let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to save money on a great product.

We’re so excited to launch the beautiful new packaging. Enjoy being healthier… for less!

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