Introducing: 2 Week Tonic - Save Money & Plastic

At Midwest Juicery, our mission is to help you enjoy being healthier. 

When I founded Midwest Juicery back in 2016, the goal was to address two of the three major health problems I saw in our country. Those two problems were 1) insufficient vegetable intake, and 2) too much sugar intake.

However, there was a third health problem that I couldn’t truly address with our vegetable juice line. That problem was consumption of foods that cause inflammation. Inflammation is a major factor in many diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, asthma, heart disease, Type II Diabetes, and many more.

New Demand for Wellness Shots

And since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we learned that our countries’ immune systems could also use a boost. Thankfully, our organic, cold-pressed juices were able to help individuals improve their immune system. Our immune system is linked to many daily vitamin and nutrient intake. 

Also, we were lucky to have launched Sippin’ on Ginger Juice at the beginning of 2020. This wonderfully delicious juice, with its great burn, is made with a lot of ingredients that support your immune system. It’s packed with lemon for some Vitamin C, apple cider vinegar and its long list of health benefits, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and black pepper. A delicious blend that is great for both inflammation support and immune support.

Since the pandemic, people were looking for more ways to support their immune system. This is where the ginger shots, turmeric shots, and all the other wellness shots began to explode. People learned more about the benefits of ginger and turmeric for their immune system, and they began to get addicted to the burn. 

We Listen to Our Customers

At Midwest Juicery, we listen closely to what our customers want. In fact, both All Greens Everything and Sippin’ on Ginger Juice were direct creations of our customer requests. All Greens Everything was because customers wanted a green juice without any sweet fruit. And Sippin’ on Ginger Juice was our answer to customers request of something with a strong ginger burn.

But once the wellness shots began to take off, customers specifically asked us for them. And while we exist to serve our customers and help them enjoy being healthier, we simply couldn’t, in good conscious, make something for customers that isn’t a better value, not to mention, environmentally irresponsible. These wellness shots, while great for you, waste a lot of plastic. 

2 Week Tonic Was Born

With these limitations, we were in a tight spot on how to serve our customers. Then one day it dawned on me, why not put multiple shots in 1 bottle. This approach seemed to solve many concerns we have with making shots.


Better Shots

While the shots are great, they’re not cheap. A single, 2oz shot retails for an average of $3.79, some are much higher. And worse, these shots are cut with a lot of sweet fruit. Other companies do this for two reasons. First, sweet fruit like coconut water, orange, pineapple, and apple are much less expensive. But you’re drinking these shots for the good stuff: lemon, ginger, and turmeric. The other reason is to make the 2oz serving more palatable. The question we pondered was, why does it even need to be a 2oz serving if at least half is the sweet fruit?

We decided to make our shots stronger than your average shot. Instead of a 2oz serving, we made our shots a 1oz serving with more of the ingredients you want to support your immune system and reduce inflammation.


Better Value 

And by using economies of scale into a single bottle, we’re able to make you the shot you need for a much better value. Our shots will cost between $1.00 - $1.25. That’s almost a 75% savings compared to the average shot price.

In fact, if you never want to miss your daily shot, you can subscribe to our 4 Month Daily Shot Box (with a 150+ day shelf life guaranteed) for less than $1 per shot. And no need to worry about waste. Each bottle has a 28 day shelf life after opening, tested and approved by a food scientist. And with easy line markers on each bottle, you can pour your daily shot with ease!

Click here to shop now and never miss your daily wellness shot.

Less Plastic Waste

At Midwest Juicery, we have a Zero Waste Promise. Nothing we do goes in a landfill. And while we love that our juice bottles are recyclable, we’re always on the hunt for ways to cut down on our materials that are not reusable. If there is any way we can cut down on the raw materials we use, to drive down our costs and provide you with even more value, and to free up raw materials for other uses in our economy, we do so with absolute pleasure.

And even though the shot bottles are recyclable, a shot day means a lot of plastic. That is why our 2 Week Tonic is truly an industry game changer. Not only will you save up to 75% per shot, you’ll also cut your plastic waste down by 75%. Every 2 Week Tonic bottle reduces plastic waste by over 75% compared to single serve shot bottles.

Juice Better, Live Better

2 Week Tonic is the latest addition of our product line to help you enjoy being healthier. We are now proud to be able to support your health with juices that help you consume more vegetables without the unnecessary sugar found in other juices. And now, 2 Week Tonic will help you consume the amazing anti-inflammatory, immune support ingredients: ginger and turmeric.

Enjoy the burn. Enjoy being healthier. Juice better, live better.

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