Healthy Tips for 2021

Our mission is to help you enjoy being healthier.

The New Year is as great as time as any to kickstart some healthier habits. Whatever your goals are, there is one  truth we can all agree on:

More nutrients, more vegetables, less sugar.

Here are some easy tips for better health in 2021, and hopefully forever! 

1 - If you want to avoid it, keep it out of the house:

Unfortunately, a lot of junk food is delicious. Big companies have high paid food scientists whose job is to make their food incredibly tasty. But we know it's not good for us. Sure, if we have it once in a while, no biggie. But we know we feel and perform best when we eat a nutrient dense, whole food meal. To avoid unhealthy food, the easiest and most effective way is to keep it out of the house.

2 - Plan ahead when time is tight:

Image: you woke up late, you're running behind, or forgot how busy of a day you have. 

When time is tight, that's when it's easiest to pick the fastest option. Whether it's fast food, something from the vending machine, or something a friend has available, time wins. Hey, we get it. Life happens. But when it happens, you'll be ready! Plan ahead by stocking your house, car, and even backpack or purse with healthy, delicious food. 

Some of the products we love and suggest are: Perfect BarsCure BarsSiete FoodsSimple Mills, nuts, fresh and dried food, and of course, Midwest Juicery. Find foods that are whole, nutrient dense, and low in sugar. 

3 - If you want it, eat it. The goal is to NOT want it:

I received this advice from a friend when I started my healthy lifestyle. And it's been the best advice I've ever heard about improving your diet.

Understand that any lifestyle changes aren't going to happen over night. And they won't be perfect. Nor should they. Whatever food you love that doesn't fit into your goals, it's okay to enjoy them. We call them "sometimes foods." If you see over time that you don't want them anymore, great. If you still love them (like I do with pastries), enjoy them.

Consistency over the long run is better than perfection over the short run.

We hope these tips help. Stay well, friends.

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  • DawnMarie

    Thank you so much for the cold press juices. I am an intuitive healer in Robins Iowa and when I had your product it felt amazing energetically for my heart chakra ❤️

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