A Look Back and Forward

Prior to Midwest Juicery, I had been following a lifestyle diet for many years. It had 3 main focuses: nutrient density, reducing sugar intake, and reducing inflammation through food. I was shocked at how amazing I felt. And I felt like that all the time. 

With my personality type being “The Advocate,” I had been encouraging friends and family to try it and see how amazing they felt. I want everyone to feel healthy, giving them a massive improvement in their overall well-being, and strength to roll over into other areas of their lives. 

As I continued replacing unhealthy versions of foods I love with healthier versions, I noticed there was a gaping hole in the market. There wasn’t a single company who juices were focused on the principles of low sugar and nutrient density. Some had some juices that weren’t sweet, but it was a principle they held.

In August of 2015, the idea of Midwest Juicery came to being. And on May 28, 2016, Midwest Juicery was born.

Our mission is to help you enjoy being healthier. 

Midwest Juicery is set out to make Certified Organic, cold-pressed, raw juices that hit the sweet spot, no pun intended, of low sugar, nutrient density, and so delicious you forget it was healthy. Or better yet, enjoy being healthier.

We started off with 4 juices. Since then, our sales, story, marketing efforts, products, and packaging have continued to evolve. But what never changed was our products and our values.

For years, we continued to refine our message to share what it is we are truly about. We wanted to find the perfect way to encapsulate what we do. 

Last year, I was talking to a business mentor, and he asked me to explain our value proposition as simply as possible. I told him, “It’s our recipe. Our ratio of each ingredient creates a combination that has the lowest sugar content and highest vitamin and nutrient content in the entire country, all with a delicious flavor that customers love.”

Introducing: Juice Better, Live Better  

Juice better live better...

explains how our juices not only have no added sugar, but we have the lowest natural sugar content in the US. We simply use a lot of vegetables with little-to-no fruit. A consultant recently told us that the average juice company uses 35% vegetables, 65% fruit. That brought a smile to my face. Midwest Juicery’s flavors that are 100% juice use:

  • Vegetables & Ginger: 82.10%
  • Apples: 13.70%
  • Lemons: 4.23%

When we tell people that we make juices that are truly as healthy as customers expect in a cold-pressed juice, this is what we mean. 

Juice better live better...

The reason we are happy to share that data with you is because of another value that comes this phrase. Midwest Juicery is proud to be the only cold-pressed juice company in the entire US that puts our exact recipe on the bottle. We couldn’t be more proud of our recipe and we stand by the integrity of our recipe. So, we’re happy to share it with you.

We believe in integrity through transparency. We answer any question about our juices, our process, and anything else you want to know. We cut no corners. We have nothing to hide. We’re an open book. We’re a juice you can trust. 

Juice better, live better...

explains the importance of vegetables. Still, less than 10% of Americans get their daily vegetable intake (Source: CDC). Ensuring that  you consume enough vitamins and nutrients that are bioavailable is essential to overall health. This is why we focus on making juices that are mostly, or entirely vegetables. We’re proud that half of vegetable and fruit blends to be entirely vegetables (plus lemon and ginger). They are All Greens Everything and Beets by Midwest. These 2 vegetable juices get you 4 servings of vegetables in your diet.

Even our 2 juices with a touch of apple only have enough to change the flavor. Green with Envy and 4 Carrot Gold both have only 1 apple in the whole bottle, giving you 3 servings of vegetable sand 1 serving of fruit per bottle.

At Midwest Juicery, we are proud of what we do. We know that we make juices that are truly as healthy as customers want. Customers are all that matter to us. We are honored to serve you and we hope to continue to help you enjoy being healthier.

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