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Cadie Jardin
Registered Dietitian & 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach

I normally don’t drink juice. They are pasteurized with heat, destroying most of the nutrients in the fruits and veggies, making them another source of what we call “empty carbohydrates.” They often have added sugars and preservatives, things I try to avoid as much as possible.

Midwest Juicery juices are different. They are fresh and cold pressed, allowing the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to stay intact. They have no added sugar and are preservative free.

As a Registered Dietitian, that makes a difference. I want all the good stuff from my fruits and vegetables. I love knowing that when I drink Midwest Juicery products, I’m getting all the amazing phytochemicals that were meant to be in my produce!

So do I drink juice? Yes, but only organic, cold-pressed juices. That’s why I love Midwest Juicery.

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