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my first ever blog post

Hey, friends. My name is Ziad Burkett and I'm the Founder of this adventure called midwest juicery (I'm the less attractive dude on the left. The one on the right is my older brother Jameel. He's my best friend). Although, I prefer the title "customer service." That's what business should be about: serving customers. No matter one's position, we are all, directly or indirectly, working to serve customers. Because what they buy isn't just what we make, but it's who we are and every little detail about how we present ourselves. But I digress.

I'm just going to ramble a little seeing as this is my first ever blog post. I love reading and admire writers. I've been told by others that I'm a pretty good writer. I'm skeptical if that's true considering my writing has been limited to Facebook posts. 

However, I wanted to give this daily blogging thing a shot. And for many reasons. I'd like to practice writing to improve in this area. But also, I believe it will help me more thoroughly think through my thoughts on, well, everything. I have one of those brains that doesn't shut off and moves at a million miles per hour. Just ask my last manager, Christina Collins (I know you won't cause you don't even know who she is. Figure of speech. Just go with it). She's awesome. More on her later.

As I write things down, it'll also give me some peace of mind on a topic. I'll probably be writing on some personal topics as well, some of which I'll keep hidden. Maybe I'll be courageous enough to put them out there. But what the heck does my personal stuff have to do with midwest juicery? Nothing. Nothing at all. But I'm putting myself out there. Maybe it'll make someone laugh. Maybe people will realize how ridiculous I am and will gain self confidence. That's the most likely scenario. And of course, there's a tiny chance that it will resonate with someone. Not likely, but there's no cost, other than embarrassment, so why the heck not?

The main reason I am starting this blog is for self improvement. Push your boundaries. Move out of your area of comfort. Ya know? I'm reading "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod. It's super cheesy and I feel like I'm in an infomercial when I read it, but his takeaways are legit. They work. And despite how lame or cheesy something may sound, if it works, just do it. Hal recommends creating a morning routine that will get your day going on the right footing so the rest of your day is that more productive. And writing is a big part of it. 

But what really got me to finally write this blog, and many more to come, was because of a podcast called Forward Tilt. The host is Isaac Morehouse, founder of Praxis.

Side note, Praxis is awesome. It's an apprenticeship that's an alternative to college for many degrees, but not all. Basically, instead of going to college for 4+ years, paying over $100k, and not learning how to actually do anything, they offer a 9 month program where you pay Praxis, then the company they assign you to pays you, and you come out ahead about $3k. So over 3 years shorter, you make money instead of having at least $100k in debt, and you actually know how to do something productive in the real world. It's awesome. They're entire team is awesome. I find them super inspiring and I really think they're going to change the world. Check them out: (I don't get a penny for saying this. They don't even know who I am. I just believe what they believe:

Coming back to the point, the episode was titled "It All Started with Daily Blogging." In addition to the reasons why I'm starting this, the big one he emphasized was getting into the rhythm of daily value creation. The power of exponentials, making daily improvements to your objective, mine being serving customers, will have profound impact in a short period of time. So that's what I hope to do. Push my boundaries. Get into a daily rhythm of value creation, and work harder to serve you wonderful people. 

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