Midwest Juicery Review by Ana Ankeny

An organic cold-pressed juice that has a refreshing flavor with every sip.  A better and healthier way to juice with less sugar, more fresh vegetables and fruits, and locally made.  


Looking for a juice that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help you be more healthy?  Look no further, Midwest Juicery has made some incredible cold-pressed juices that are so full of flavor you’ll be counting down the minutes until you can get your hands on another one.  Each juice is carefully made in the Midwest with fruits and veggies from local farmers.

I’ve been seeing Midwest Juicery in some social media feeds & promoted posts so I had to check it out.  Their website has some great detailed information on what goes into each juice and how it can help benefit your body.  I knew just from reading the information I was going to love the juice. My first order arrived in just a few days, as it comes in a special packaging to keep the juice fresh and cold.  I was so excited to start trying all the flavors! I unboxed the juice in my Instagram Stories, hopefully you were able to watch it!

The 6 flavors I tried are:

16 Carrot Gold

Beets the Midwest

Green with Envy

Lava Lemonade

All Greens Everything

Apple of My Eye

Hands down my absolute favorite juice is Beets the Midwest!  I love all things beets with it’s earthy flavor, and when mixed with carrot, apple, lemon and ginger...it’s an earthy & sweet taste with just a hint of the lemon and ginger.  Second in the lineup is 16 Carrot Gold (don’t you just love that name!?) with the sweet and refreshing taste of carrots with a little apple undertone. As I have tried these I make sure to drink them on an empty stomach (usually in the morning, but a couple of times I had them in the evening) so I can get all the benefits of the juice.  My body is able to digest it properly and let more of the vitamins soak in without having to fight all the other food that would already be in the digestion process.

As I enjoyed these juices, I made sure and share (yes, it was very difficult to share!!  I wanted them all to myself!). As each new flavor was first opened, the kids lined up little glasses and we would pour a small amount into each of their cups for them to try as well.  They had a few favorites! Of course the Lava Lemonade was a hit with all four boys, a very light, tart and sweet drink. My one son that loves green smoothies, declared All Greens Everything as his favorite and would hardly share with anyone!  And my youngest son really liked 16 Carrot Gold and Apple of My Eye. I have to say, I am very impressed with the flavors of the juices and I can tell by the great flavors how carefully each one must have been created.

Let’s talk about the ingredient list of Midwest Juicery juices for a quick moment.  And it will only take a quick moment, trust me. The ingredients are: fresh fruit & fresh vegetables.  No sugar, no preservatives, no water, no sweetener. Pretty amazing huh? I like to make everything myself...I don’t like buying products in the “inner aisles” of the grocery store mainly because of all the added sugar and preservatives.  So to be able to find a juice that’s packed with ONLY fruits and vegetable is pretty darn amazing. 

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